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Catalog ID Product Description Storage
EVO-AT-R Achilles Tendon Sterile Frozen
EVO-AT Achilles Tendon Aseptic Frozen
EVO-ATP-R Pre-shaped Achilles Tendon Sterile Frozen
EVO-ATP Pre-shaped Achilles Tendon Aseptic Frozen
Catalog ID Product Description Storage
EVO-GT-R Gracilis Sterile Frozen
EVO-GT Gracilis Aseptic Frozen
EVO-ST-R Semitendonosus (SemiT) Sterile Frozen
EVO-ST Semitendonosus (SemiT) Aseptic Frozen
EVO-STGB-R SemiT/ Gracilis Bundle Sterile Frozen
EVO-STGB SemiT/ Gracilis Bundle Aseptic Frozen
Catalog ID Product Description Storage
EVO-PTW-R Patella Tendon Whole (BTB) Sterile Frozen
EVO-PTW Patella Tendon Whole (BTB) Aseptic Frozen
EVO-PTQ-R Patella Tendon w/ Quad (BTB) Sterile Frozen
EVO-PTQ Patella Tendon w/ Quad (BTB) Aseptic Frozen
EVO-PTH-R Patella Tendon Hemi (BTB) Sterile Frozen
EVO-PTH Patella Tendon Hemi (BTB) Aseptic Frozen
EVO-PTP-10-R Pre-shaped Patella Tendon 10mm (BTB) Sterile Frozen
EVO-PTP-10 Pre-shaped Patella Tendon 10mm (BTB) Aseptic Frozen
Catalog ID Product Description Storage
EVO-ATT-R Tibialis Tendon Anterior Sterile Frozen
EVO-ATT Tibialis Tendon Anterior Aseptic Frozen
EVO-PTT-R Tibialis Tendon Posterior Sterile Frozen
EVO-PTT Tibialis Tendon Posterior Aseptic Frozen
EVO-PL-R Peroneous Longus Sterile Frozen
EVO-PL Peroneous Longus Aseptic Frozen

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